Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities – DUCs

Senate Bill 244 was a significant piece of LAFCO related legislation passed in 2011. This bill required LAFCO to make determinations regarding “Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities” (DUCs). Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities are defined as inhabited territory that constitutes all or a portion of a community with an annual median household income that is less than 80 percent of the statewide annual household income (MHI).

The MHI data is from the U.S. Census Bureau – American Community Survey 2006-2010. The State MHI for this period was $60,883. The qualifying income for a DUC is 80% of that figure, $48,706.

State law requires identification and analysis of service issues within DUCs as part of municipal service reviews (MSRs) and sphere of influence (SOI) reviews. State law also places restrictions on annexations to cities if the proposed annexation is adjacent to a DUC.

DUCS identified below are the results of our efforts to date. These represent DUCs within or near City Sphere’s of Influence. Additional DUCS will be identified as part of future Municipal Service Reviews.

For more information, see the following staff reports:

January 26, 2012 – Staff Report on the Background of DUCs

March 22, 2012 – Staff Report on the Implementation – Interim Policy for DUCs

The Riverside LAFCO Commission has identified Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities within or near City’s Sphere of Influences as follows:

Chart of all DUCs within Riverside County

City of Beaumont

City of Blythe

City of Cathedral City

City of Coachella

City of Corona

City of Desert Hot Springs

City of Hemet

City of Indio

City of Lake Elsinore

City of Palm Springs

City of Perris

City of Riverside

City of San Jacinto

City of Temecula

*This list may change over time.